Friday, April 22, 2016

Excess Android You Can Know

In this digital era, can hardly be separated between the smartphone and the public. Smartphone or smart phones become important items that can help a wide range of consumer needs. Currently the smartphone is designed not only to the means of communication only, but for a variety of other things such as the internet, play games, listen to music, help in doing other things.
Currently there are a wide variety of smartphones that carries different operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Third operating system certainly has distinctive features and also the advantages of each one another. Users must have had a different reason to use one of these operating systems. For mere information on this occasion will membahsa about what the advantages of the Android operating system.
As we might know the Android operating system is one that is very popular in the world. Google's operating system that many brought many well-known vendors, thus making more users can freely choose their dream smartphone prices vary. Well to find out what are the advantages of Android, please see the discussion below!
The following advantages of Android is Mandatory You Go
Many Applications Can Be Used
Excess Android the first is there are many applications that can be used by users. To use these applications, users can directly download via Play Store. Play Store is the official store of Android devices. Through the Play Store users do not have to worry about malware infection or the like. Because the high security makes the applications in the Play Store safer. This is because Google's side will examine each application that will go to the Play Store. In addition there are various applications that can be used according to user needs ranging from free up to a paid application.
There are a lot of options Various Smartphone
Excess next Android operating system are many vendors which support him. For excess of this one will definitely be very easy for users to choose Android smartphone that fits their budget. As we know that today many vendors who carry the Android operating system on their products. No wonder if the Android device is stau very popular device in the world.
Open Source
Excess Android mandatory for you to know next is open source. This operating system was created based on the open source Linux kernel. Therefore, there are many kinds of custom Android ROM on each device. That would make the user more flexibility in the use of Android devices.
Integrated with Google Services
As we know that the Android operating system is an operating system made by Google. When using an Android device would not be surprised if it can muah integrated with Google services like Gmail, Google Plus, Hangouts, and more. In addition, through an Android device, users can use more than one Gmail account.
many Functions
Given the user can download a variety of applications in the Play Store, of course Android devices have many functions that can be tailored to the needs. Android smartphones can be used for browsing the Internet, telephone, SMS, video calls if there is a front camera, play games, listen to music, watch videos, and much more.
Thus was the discussion about some of the advantages of Android that you can know. There are still a lot of advantages from other Android devices.


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